CIJ recibió carta “El Esequibo es de Venezuela” del Parlamento Libertador, Federación Interamericana de Abogados y Fundación Venezolaanse Vluchtelingen (+Video)

Yolanda Medina Carrasco / Venezuela RED

Hoy, a las 4:45 pm, en Europa, un grupo de venezolanos liderados por los doctores David Cáceres de la Fundación Fundación Venezolaanse Vluchtelingen, y William Giménez Gaviria, de la Federación Interamericana de Abogados, lograron entregar la carta del Parlamento Libertador que preside Pablo Medina, en la que se destaca que el “Esequibo es de Venezuela”.
Los dirigentes, respaldados por miembros de sus respectivas organizaciones, rechazaron la presencia de Delcy Rodríguez, por convertirse en violadora de los derechos humanos y porque representa precisamente, al narco-régimen de Maduro, quienes no han defendido este territorio que pertenece a Venezuela, reportó William Jiménez.

Carta en idioma inglés dirigida a la Corte Internacional de Justicia

“Changing the world, friend Sancho, is neither madness nor utopia but Justice”

-Miguel Cervantes in Don Quixote of La Mancha-

Peace Palace,

Dr. Nawaf Salam

Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ Den Haag

Koninkrijk der Nederlanden

April 7, 2024

Reasons: Essequibo is from Venezuela

Honorable President and Judges of the International Court of Justice, a cordial greeting. We, members of the Liberating Parliament, address you, in a sovereign manner, but deeply obliged by the Love of our homeland Venezuela, to the solid moral and ethical principles that characterize us and in full consonance with our current Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which establishes in its article 326:

Article 326 of the C.R.B.V.: The security of the nation is based on the co-responsibility between the State and civil society for compliance with the principles of independence, democracy, equality, peace, freedom, justice, solidarity, environmental promotion and conservation and affirmation of human rights, as well as as in the progressive satisfaction of the individual and collective needs of Venezuelans, on the basis of sustainable and productive development with full coverage for the national community. The principle of co-responsibility is exercised in the economic, social, political, cultural, geographical, environmental, and military spheres.

Article 333 of the C.R.B.V.: This constitution will not lose its validity if it ceases to be observed by an act of force or because it is repealed by any other means than that provided for in it.

In such an eventuality, every citizen invested with authority or not, will have the duty to collaborate in the re-establishment of its effective validity.

Due to such legal force, we respectfully, responsibly and decisively present to you this Extraordinary Moral Request for Paralyzing the Matter of the Dispute over the Essequibo Area between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

Previous Point

Of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Most honorable magistrates, the native peoples of America and the world currently have legal support like never before, although it is true that on the American continent shortly after the arrival of the Spanish colonizers there was legal protection, as were the New Laws of the Indies, promulgated by Royal Edict of 1542, they were a response to the complaints made by the Dominican friars, Antonio Montesinos and Bartolomé de las Casas, first Bishop of San Cristóbal de las Casas, in Chiapas, Mexico , who raised their voices to denounce the terrible figure of “The encomienda” (slavery and forced labor), to which the indigenous people were subjected by the conquerors, it is no less true that our native peoples now find themselves with a compendium of rights that give it a solid and sustainable legal basis, like never before, as well as international institutions committed to guaranteeing the effectiveness of these rights, as well as the progressive evolution of Human Rights, come to provide tangible legal security to indigenous peoples.

Distinguished Judges, The American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which is a legal instrument adopted by the Organization of American States (OAS), in its 46th General Assembly held in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, between the June 13 and 15, 2016 and, its predecessor

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, adopted in the city of New York, on September 13, 2007, during the development of the 61st General Assembly of the United Nations, are two monolithic pillars in the recognition of collective, individual, social, territorial, political, cultural, health, education, work and economic rights. Thanks to these legal instruments, the Republic of Honduras was able to defend its territory populated by indigenous communities against a claim from the government of El Salvador. The International Court of Justice appointed a Special Chamber using the universal principle of “UTI POSSIDETIS JIURIS” and the formation of a Mixed Commission of both countries that investigated and facilitated the ruling in favor of Honduras on September 11, 1992.

Egregious judges, the territorial dispute that the cooperative Republic of Guyana maintains against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (today a country invaded and kidnapped by international narcoterrorism and Islamic and Taliban radicalism), over a historically and legally Venezuelan territory, such as Essequibo is a dispute that has skin, flesh, blood, bones and feelings, which are those of the Kariña and Arecuna indigenous people, ancestral inhabitants of these enormous savannas and mountain ranges, who have unequivocal and impregnable privileges in said territory.

Illustrious judges wanting to legally resolve the territorial dispute of El Essequibo, without taking into account the opinion of the legitimate, original and ancestral possessors of that territory, is like NOT listening to the owner of a house that two tenants want to appropriate it, while its owner is also living within it, it would be a glimpse of a new neocolonialism, which would only cause harm and would be a semblance of cruel and barbaric times already overcome.

It is worth remembering that the first military and global power was the current Netherlands, which came to dominate the ends of the world. With its pioneering East Indies company, the Netherlands, of which the current Belgium was a part, dominated the seven seas. and they made Amsterdam the capital of world trade, only to be displaced by their neighbors the English; The recognition of the royal houses of Belgium and Spain of the atrocities committed by their settlers against the indigenous peoples is known to all, which is why today it is unthinkable that these peoples are not going to be taken into account when deciding on its territory by the court that the community of nations has erected as the Areopagus of modernity.


On August 3, 1498, Admiral Christopher Columbus, on his third voyage to the American continent, set foot on the Venezuelan mainland. He arrived with three caravels, Castilla, Correo and Vaqueña. It was a Thursday. He not only discovered the future Venezuela, but throughout South America, dazzled by the exuberant landscapes and the explosion of color and light, he stated: “It is the Land of Grace”, he had landed in the area of Paria, by the way, very close to the Venezuelan Essequibo, he was able to contemplate the plenitude and lordship of the mighty Orinoco River, calling it: “immense sea of fresh water.”

The following year, 1499, the Spanish sailor Alonso de Ojeda, accompanied by Juan de la Cosa, Martín Fernández de Enciso and Américo Vespucci, made a complete tour of the Caribbean and Atlantic coasts of what would be the future Venezuela, from the mouth of the Essequibo River to the bay that is now Lake Maracaibo, where they arrived on August 24 of that year, and where for the first time they heard the indigenous people say: VENECIUELA, to refer to a town of stilt houses, and it is from there, where the name of VENEZUELA is born; Curiously, the name America also arose from this expedition, since Amerigo Vespucci was the first to realize that he was facing a new continent, as he stated in his work “Mundus Novus”, from 1504. The following year he published his famous letter where he recounts in detail his four trips, this story reaches the hands of the German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller, who published it in 1507 and requested that the name AMERICA be given to the new continent in honor of Amerigo Vespucci.

It had already happened in 1493 that Pope Alexander VI, through some Papal Bulls, had granted the Kingdom of Spain the right to govern the so-called West Indies, that is, everything that is today America, by dividing the land between the kingdoms. from Portugal and Spain.

For the year 1777, by edict of King Carlos III, the provinces of Cumaná, Maracaibo and Guayana were integrated into the Captaincy General of Venezuela, on which they would depend in government and military matters, the Province of Guayana extended towards the EAST until the Essequibo River, which owed its name to the Spanish explorer Juan de Esquivel.

On July 5, 1811, a group of congressmen solemnly declared that the United Provinces of Venezuela are de facto and de jure free, sovereign and independent States, of the crown of Spain, was born from this declaration and the act that included it in one Venezuela. with its own legal capacity.

A long and bloody war would come with the crown of Spain, the Republicans would have as an ally the British Empire, which was a bellicose enemy of Spain. In one of the great chapters of this war of independence, General Simón Bolívar proposed to the Congress meeting in the City of Angostura, in 1819, the creation of Gran Colombia, which was the geographical, administrative and military fusion of Venezuela and the New Granada, the EASTERN border of the new Republic would be the Essequibo River, in 1825 the Republic of Colombia was recognized by Great Britain; Already earlier in 1822, General Simón Bolívar had filed a complaint with the English authorities about the penetration of settlers from Demerara and Berbice into patriotic territory.

The year 1823 arrives, and with it also comes the Capitulation of the last Captain General of Venezuela, General Francisco Tomas Morales, which he signs in the town of Maracaibo, upon being defeated in the naval battle carried out in the lake of the same name and which sealed the independence of Venezuela. Later the independence of Venezuela was recognized by treaty by the kingdom of Spain, in 1845, by Queen Isabel II, and in which, in relation to the geography of Venezuela and its territory, the Principle of International Law UTI POSEDETIS IURE is applied, that is: YOU POSSESS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN POSSESSING.

The 19th century would be a century of great political instability for the young Republic of Venezuela. We had fought for years against a European empire and another European empire had given us our hand, and with which we would go through the entire 19th century together, commercially. and in Academics, we were hand in hand with the British Empire, since the future regional power, the United States, had not yet made a presence in the south.

During the 19th century and more precisely around 1834 onwards, with the presence of the German naturalist and geographer Robert Herman Shomburgk, who was sent by the Royal Geographical Society of London, our eastern border began to suffer modifications made unilaterally and arbitrarily, to the Mr. Shomburgk carried out totally abusive and irresponsible measurements and demarcations, causing this situation to lead to a series of meetings and meetings between our representative in the United Kingdom Dr. Alejo Fortique with the British authorities (Colonial Office), but the incidents of English penetration They did not cease, until in 1887, the government of General Antonio Guzmán Blanco, decided to break diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom, inadvertently promoting the entry on the scene of the Colossus of the North, the United States of America, of which we knew little, since Our entire commercial relationship was with Europe. The Monroe Doctrine had emerged, from President James Monroe, whose slogan was:

America for Americans”, President Grover Cleveland is interested in the Venezuelan case, since it is “an aggression by a European power against an American country”, leading this North American intervention to the signing of the arbitration treaty of 1897 and , the subsequent fraudulent and irritating ruling of 1899, is noteworthy and we do not know if it was a coincidence, that on the day the judges gave their ruling on October 3, 1899, Venezuela was without a government, since a president had fled and The future president was assaulting power, that is, it was a calculated action with a lot of malice and that other evidence that we provided against that Award irritated, in addition, we were practically at war.

The Essequibo belongs to Venezuela and the EASTERN border of VENEZUELA begins from the middle line of the Essequibo River towards the West, an argument promoted by our Minister of Foreign Affairs of VENEZUELA, Marcos Falcón Briceño with such forcefulness that it was accepted by the 3 parties involved: the Kingdom United, Venezuela and the local government of Guyana, which led us to the Treaty of Geneva of February 17, 1966 – 3 months before the independence of Guyana – ratified in the Port of Spain Protocol!

In the testimony of Severo Millet Prevost, the violations and irregularities of the Arbitration Award of October 3, 1899, were documented and denounced, focusing on the manipulations, violations of International Law and conflicts of interest of the Internationalist Frederick DeMartens representative/Foreign Relations Advisor of Russia and of the British Government, servant and personal friend of the Queen DENOUNCED by the aforementioned Lawyer Severo Millet Prevost.

VENEZUELA is losing a TOTAL order of about 300 THOUSAND km² of its territory, including 159,500 km² of land plus its natural access to its corresponding Atlantic coast.

VENEZUELA truly has an OVERWHELMING AVALANCHE of EVIDENCE in its favor including hundreds of pages of transcripts, maps, Atlases and witness testimonies documented and reflected in the complete record of the 1899 Arbitration Award, including the testimonies of Former President of the United States, Benjamin Harrison, of the Former Justice of the Supreme Court of the USA, David Brewer and the Former Secretary of Defense of the USA, Benjamin Tracy promoted, as Representatives of VENEZUELA, at the initiative of the Former President of the USA, Stephen Grover Cleveland in 1895.

 In such a way that the Essequibo marked the farewell of Europe as the main trading partner, to give way to the United States of North America, throughout the 20th century, and the adage that says: «it is better to arrive on time than to be invited» was fulfilled. , since the United States began as a country with technology to produce oil and since Venezuela, at the end of the 19th century and at the dawn of the 20th century, would be discovered to the world as a country with immense oil deposits.

The 20th century would also be a century of political instability for Venezuelans, after some brief periods of democratic governments, finally in 1959 it was achieved through universal, direct and secret voting to elect a president of the republic, but A fatality loomed over our destiny, and on that same date in 1959, the Cuban revolution triumphed in the republic of Cuba.

Fidel Castro, serial killer, war criminal, mythomaniac, sociopath, hedonist and sorcerer. A few years after having seized power in Cuba, he had shaken the world and especially North America when it was discovered that he was assembling nuclear missiles that would be aimed at the United States, which caused the so-called Missile Crisis, for many, he He was the intellectual assassin of JF Kennedy.

This communist satrap had his eye on Venezuela and from the beginning of the 1960s, he would begin a rude and criminal violent campaign to displace the incipient Venezuelan democracy. He carried out invasions of Venezuelan territory (which cost Cuba its expulsion from the OAS), assassination attempts, led to uprisings in the barracks and provided logistics and training to hundreds of guerrillas who were on the different war fronts, causing a lot of pain and suffering to the Venezuelan people since for more than two decades there was a low intensity war. The democracy represented in the firm disposition of the government of that time made it possible for Castro not to triumph militarily in Venezuela, but rather to be defeated, as in fact he was, but destiny sometimes has unthinkable, unimaginable events prepared, which neither the most lucid minds can decipher or prevent and, that is what happened in Venezuela,

Already at the end of the 20th century, in 1998, Hugo Chávez, a Fidelist soldier, was elected president of Venezuela, and shortly after being in power, he carried out one of the most impressive acts of vassalage in the history of humanity and put the entire country and all his wealth at the disposal of Fidel Castro, in this way Castro took over Venezuela without firing a bullet. Years later, Fidel himself would order the assassination of his “son” Hugo Chávez and Castro would choose Nicolás Maduro as president of Venezuela.

Nicolás Maduro, known as El Chacal de Cúcuta, is a native of Colombia, a criminal and drug trafficker who has been president of Venezuela for a decade, has destroyed the country by carrying extreme poverty levels at 95%. . He has not won any of the elections where he has participated, everything has been through fraud with electronic voting machines, he concentrates all powers in his person, the country of Venezuela is almost disintegrated, traveling on its roads is almost impossible, since Some are in the hands of guerrillas and armed groups of organized crime and other sections are controlled by the military and police of the Maduro tyranny. Likewise, the entire border area of the West and South of the country is in the hands of international narcoterrorism groups, being Thousands are displaced from their villages and towns by these criminals.

The tyranny that governs Venezuela does not exercise any government authority in the border areas with the Republics of Brazil and Colombia, it has ceded its authority to international organized crime groups, who are the ones who govern, the residents of those areas have to ask permission for all acts of daily life to these narco terrorists.

Thousands of hectares of land have been given to China and Iran, for no known legal purpose.

A modern aircraft from the flag line of the Venezuelan tyranny, the Conviasa airline, was recently seized by the Argentine authorities, since part of its crew were members of the Iranian Presidential Guard, they were detained together with the Venezuelan crew members, and were showed that the plane was used to transport illegal cargo, including modern and tactical weapons, drugs, gold and cash.

It is known from North American intelligence sources that a Missile Base is located on the Venezuelan Caribbean Island of “La Orchila”, commanded by the Iranian Guard.

Throughout Venezuela there are Hezbollah cells, operating and moving freely.

Recently, an immense embezzlement was discovered from the Venezuelan oil industry that exceeds 50 billion dollars, and the main person involved is a representative of the terrorist movements of the Middle East and the evil theocracy of Iran, Tareck El Aissame, it is assumed that almost all of that money went to Hezbollah funds.


Honorable President of the International Court of Justice, the current constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a democratic project, which is unviable in the midst of tyranny and authoritarianism.

The Inter-American Democratic Charter, in its article 2, establishes:

“The effective exercise of representative democracy is the basis of the rule of law and the constitutional regimes of the Member States of the Organization of American States. Representative democracy is reinforced and deepened with the permanent, ethical and responsible participation of citizens, in a framework of legality, in accordance with the respective constitutional order.

We know well that States are represented before International Organizations by their governments, and Venezuela is not a democracy, it is currently a Failed State. Although it is true that it has Legal Personality, it is also true that it has neither the capacity for enjoyment nor the capacity of exercise, much less Autonomy and self-determination, its officials are militants who repeat, like robots, the most unfocused and out of place and context arguments that can be heard, not even in the times of Soviet influence, the Cold War and of the Iron Curtain countries, such levels of ideologization and mental colonization were seen, as that presented by Venezuelan officials, which leads them to commit very serious errors before serious institutions with international respect, errors that pay for them every day. the decent Venezuela that suffers and endures 25 years of tyranny.

Most Honorable President, Venezuela is currently unable to choose personalities of recognized legal competence to represent it at this very high legal level that represents the highest court on our planet, which leaves us at a clear legal disadvantage with our legal adversary, and which If we remain defeated it could be very unfortunate for our already bleeding and badly wounded Venezuela.

Now, you yourselves have witnessed the degree of clumsiness with which the representatives of the tyranny that governs Venezuela have presented themselves before this Supreme Court, and we allow ourselves, with all due respect, to make a brief account.

In the previous process of determining the Jurisdiction of this Court in the present controversy Guyana vs. Venezuela, which has already concluded, and in which this Court decided in accordance with Article 53 of the Statute that governs it, that it IS competent to hear the merits of the controversy, and what was the conduct of the tyranny that subjugates Venezuela?, was none other than disregarding that invaluable procedural opportunity, oral hearings were not attended, agents were not appointed and not even a minimal legal strategy was developed. competent and coherent.

This legal nonsense is reinforced by a larger one, since the tyranny appears before this Court in 2022, which is when it appoints state agents and the corresponding ad hoc judge, and makes this debut by introducing Preliminary Observations regarding the inadmissibility of Guyana’s claim, when it was known to all that this phase had already been concluded and was not the subject of examination and furthermore, as a culmination with their appearance and proceedings fulfilling the requirements of this Court, they recognized IPSO FACTO, via FORUM PRORROGATUM, the jurisdiction of this court, contradicting itself in a grotesque and ridiculous way.

In such a way that it is evident that the ideologized agents who serve as representatives of the tyranny that usurps power in Venezuela are not qualified for this purpose and it has already been demonstrated.

Recently the International Criminal Court, in the case that is being followed by almost the entire narco-criminal leadership that usurps power in Venezuela, rejected 25 THOUSAND FOLIOS that they consigned and that their review showed that they were pure useless and stupid papers, that can only introduce a group of inept and outlaws before a HIGH COURT.

Saint Augustine maintained: The Unjust is immoral and the Immoral is unjust.



There was a time in the VENEZUELAN, where the judges, after handing down their sentences, shouted loudly: FIAT IUSTITIA ET PERVENEZUELAN, Yes, gentlemen magistrates, although it is controversial and unorthodox, this measure is the most just, because we all know that the causes that They are aired before justice, they are not won only with the truth, but with a set of techniques and ways of proceeding that will make the truth irrefutable and that it does not lose its purity, and the TRUTH OF VENEZUELA IS THAT THE ESEQUIBO IS VENEZUELAN , and this truth is being affected by not being well represented, that is why justice must be done: EVEN IF THE SKY FALLS.



Pablo Medina Carrasco

President of the Liberating Parliament & Former Senator

(786) 470-9231

Luis Enrique Ugás

First Vice President

General Juan Romero

President of the Security and Defense Commission

José Méndez

PhD in Engineering

Jose Rengifo Galaviz


William Jimenez Gaviria

Inter-American Federation of Lawyers

David Cáceres Martínez

Venezuelan Vluchtelingen Foundation

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