The Rinos & The Loyalists (+Video)

Yolanda Medina Carrasco / Venezuela RED

In the Merriam Webster dictionary, they describe the word Rino as a member of the Republican party who is disloyal to their organization, who does not have the makings of a conservative. In other words, a Rino is a Republican in name only. He can be here or there. He dresses in red but his heart is blue. In Venezuela they would call it “buchipluma nothing more” or “a peacock.”

Loyalty, on the other hand, is a manifestation of a feeling of respect and fidelity, in this case we are referring to the Republican party. Loyalty is also an attitude towards life. There is nothing more spontaneous than being faithful to something or someone we believe in. Loyalty is a great value, a sign of humanity in people. This attitude stands out in the personality of Carlos Garín, candidate for mayor of Miami Dade County, who was one of the few Republican leaders who on his YouTube program and at various events defended President Donald Trump vehemently, bravely and clearly. when in the last November 2020 elections the Democrats committed blatant electoral fraud. He didn’t care that they criticized him, even that they put him in prison. However, for some Rinos, the electoral trap did not exist, because they supposedly had no evidence in their hands. I think Rino is Rino even sleeping.

On the other hand, republican personalities such as Carlos Garín, a man of integrity, who handles information, analysis, sense of smell and the instinct of the heart with great skill, combined with his deep-rooted Christian principles, his fervent purpose of ending corruption, gender ideology; and, his desire to fight for an America First; and for peace on earth, are sometimes ignored for their frontal postures. In other words, they do not occupy the positions necessary to direct, put order and raise the foundations of the United States that Donald Trump and the vast majority of Americans dream of.

In conclusion, I consider that President Trump in these November 2024 elections has the unconditional support of Republican figures loyal to his ethical principles and moral values; and something very important, that they are very affordable, such as Rick Scott, who we are sure will be re-elected as Senator and in the same way, and the triumph of Carlos Garín as the new mayor of Miami Dade County.

As an example of solidarity, in this video the leader Carlos Garín makes a forceful analysis of the work of Donald Trump’s government in its period from January 2017 to January 2021.

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